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Monday, June 2, 2008

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Is your blog gathering dust instead of generating high traffic? It's a common problem for bloggers. Their blogs are good and their postings are interesting, but no one is coming to visit and they want to know how to increase traffic. This is actually easier than it seems once you know how. In this article, we will go over 8 specific methods of increasing traffic. These are guaranteed methods to draw more visitors to your blog.

Tip #1: Sign up for pinging services

It seems pretty obvious, but even many experienced bloggers don't sign up for pinging services. If you don't know what pinging means, when your blog is updated a "ping" is sent out by the services you've registered with to let participating sites know that your blog has been updated. People who are visiting these related sites or get feeds from them will then see your blog flash across the side of the screen as "newly updated".

Pinging services include, Google Blog Search, and ZingFast. Do an engine search to find more of these services, there are a lot of them.

Tip #2: Sign up for Technorati

If you go to, you'll see an option on the left side of the screen called "Claim Your Blog". Submitting here allows you to get updated link counts, add your photo or logo to Technorati, and see your Technorati link. Having your blog claimed on Technorati helps to increase traffic because the millions of people who go to that site will have a chance to see your blog on there.

Tip #3: Sign up for FeedBurner, an RSS service

What FeedBurner basically does for your blog is help you to promote your blog's content and build and measure your audience. In other words, it helps you increase your blog's traffic. As with the pinging services, check the search engines for more sites you can send your RSS feed to, as there are a lot more of these as well.

Tip #4: Bookmark your blogs at places like

You can set up an account and profile at Then you can add links to your blog along with excerpts from it. Anytime someone visits your profile on, they will see a link to your blog and excerpts. There are other social bookmarking sites that you can use in much the same way, a pair of currently popular ones are Digg and Twitter. The bottom line is, using these social bookmarking sites can help you increase traffic.

Tip #5: Post comments at other blogs

No, this doesn't mean you should go and spam other blogs with comments that are only there to promote a site. It means that you should visit similar blogs to your own and as appropriate post legitimate comments and then sign your name along with a link to your blog. This way, people know you aren't there just to promote your site--you're there to post a good piece of feedback and also say where you're from.

Tip #6: Ask owners of other blogs to post a link to yours

Find other blogs that are similar to yours. If they seem to be reasonably popular (that is, they have a good amount of comments for each post), you can try to contact the owner of the blog to add a link to yours if they have a links section. To make them really want to do this, you can offer to link back to their blog on yours. People do this reciprocal blog linking all the time and it does help to increase traffic.

Tip #7: Use keywords in your blog for SEO

Like regular web pages, having a good keyword density on a blog is a terrific way of getting search engine spiders to notice your page. If your average blog posting is around 200 words, try to use 2-6 repetitions of each keyword per blog post.

This would create a keyword density of between 1 and 3 percent, a respectable number. Remember that you don't want to use too many keywords, as that will make your blog postings read poorly. Also be sure that the keywords used are relevant to your blog. Before even making a blog posting, decide what the post will be about and then select a keyword or two to use in your post. It's a surefire way of getting more traffic to your site!

Tip #8: Submit to site directories

Most site directories out there - and there are thousands of them - have a blog category. Once you've got a reasonable amount of content on yours, start submitting it to these directories. They are good ways to be found by searching surfers and each directory listing you're given will eventually be counted as a back-link by the engines. A very good thing!

To your success,

PS... Signing up with the services mentioned here is a quick, painless way of increasing traffic to your blog. So start signing up today!

I've been involved in internet marketing for about 2 years, and 'old school' entrepreneurial businesses for many years before that. I am currently the owner of Your Business Manuals (, which offers online business operators the information and software they need to achieve their online business goals.


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